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Founded in 1998, guangxi yangxiang co., ltd. is a national key leading enterprise in agricultural industrialization, with 39 subsidiaries and more than 5,000 employees. The company is mainly engaged in the pig industry. It has two major sectors: self-raised pigs and service raised pigs. It is a high-tech agricultural and animal husbandry enterprise of the whole industrial chain integrating breeding pigs, pork pigs, pig essence, pig feed and pig breeding equipment.
Lead low cost pig farming
Genetic inheritance, precise nutrition, biosafety, environmental control, production management

With pig production as its major business and Xiubo semen as its honor product, Yangxiang Co., Ltd. is a professional solution provider for intelligent pig raising.
Yangxiang Co., Ltd. sold over 2 million pigs in 2018, including 1.38 million hogs and roughly 620,000 piglets. In terms of production performance, PSY has reached 28.7, MSY 27.47, and survival rate during the whole process is as high as 92.1%. Despite an increase of the raw material by 4.98/jin, Yangxiang still leads the industry with a low cost of 5.31 yuan / jin (10.62/kg). Yangxiang Co., Ltd. regards technologies change swine industry as its principle, vigorously invest in technologies and supplies semen, pig feed and advanced intelligent equipment joined by a powerful service system to provide an all-round service for the pig industry.

Service pigs to reduce costs
Yangxiang company has established a comprehensive technical service system, aiming to provide professional and comprehensive technical services for pig farms, solve the problems of shortage and bottleneck in pig farms, and gradually improve the production performance of pig farms. From 2009 to 2017, Yang xiang has made great efforts to improve pig breeding from all aspects, and has summarized the five elements of pig breeding: genetic inheritance, accurate nutrition, production management, environmental control and biological safety.
  • Genetic


    Genetic inheritance

  • Environmental control

    Environmental control

    environmental control

  • Accurate nutrition

    Accurate nutrition

    Precision nutrition

  • Production management

    Production management

    Production management

  • Biological safety

    Biological safety


Strengthen international cooperation based on the industry
Yangxiang continuously strengthens the cooperation with international advanced enterprises, strives to improve its own pig raising ability and service pig raising ability, introduces many foreign experts resident in yangxiang pig farm and customer pig farm, effectively solves the practical problems of pig farm. At the same time, yangxiang and Canada PPT company jointly held PITC conference, for the majority of pig farmers to bring the latest international pig knowledge and solutions.
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